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Imagine being able to walk through some of the greatest museums around the world without leaving your chair, this is now possible!

Google has announced that more than 150 international museums across 40 countries have joined its second phrase of Google Art Project ( ).

Launched in 2011 by a group of Google engineers who are arts lovers, with just 17 art museums from US and Europe on board, the newly expanded Google Art Project now contains more than 30,000 works from every era and medium, and from the collections of 151 museums from 40 countries.

The website now stores information and high-resolution images of the artworks, which can be viewed in beautiful, bracing detail. Google has also adopted the Street View technology in the museums so users can access any partnered museums in 3D.

Google Art Project ( )於2011年2月成立,起初是由Google內部一群愛好藝術的工程師每天投放兩成工作時間製作而成。首階段集合了來至9個歐美國家的 17間美術館的展品。今年Art Project將推行第 二階段,Google將囊括範圍增加到了 40 個國家、151 間文化機構,把30, 000多件展品都放在這個為藝術而設的網上平台。

Google 將藝術品數碼化, 就是要告訴大家藝術並非一些遙不可及的是, 並 期望借計劃拉近群眾和藝術的距離。Google藉實景拍攝技術,把美術館以360度呈現出來,好讓大眾足不出戶亦能遊覽不同美術館。此外,網頁提供可放大功能,大家能參透作品的細節,更可以把喜愛的作品「收藏」。

Source and image: Google Art Project


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Online sales to triple by 2015!

The Boston Consulting Group said Online retail sales in China will triple to more than USD360 billion by 2015, with nearly a quarter of the population shopping online. Online sales are going to account for 8% of the total sales in the country in 2015, up from around 5% right now. It is going to be the largest online market in the world in 3 years time too. There have been more people who were able to connect using broadband internet around the country, then there is the emergence of smartphones and tablets which have made it easier for people to go online and portable too, when they are free, waiting for the bus, heading to work and so on. Many online shops have taken their offerings online and also there are apps for some companies where people can buy things on these apps. Another issue is the security has been improved and many are much more comfortable using their credit card to buy things online, as a result of paying by "plastic" grows, you can expect to see much more online sales in the years to come even beyond 2015!


Image: LuMaxArt
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According to Pearl Research, China's online gaming market is going to reach US$9.2 billion by 2014, up from around US$6.6 billion sometime last year which is around a 40% increase. Another proof to how well they are doing can be attributed to the fact that the top 5 gaming companies made a combined US$5.3 billion in revenues. Pearl Research noted that microclient versions of games were growing in popularity. These would take shorter time to download and thus people would have more time to play the games rather than waiting for it to be downloaded and so on. Also another key growth for Mainland China was the web based games. This segment was expected to hit over US$1 billion in 2013, from US$800 million last year. In the same research it was discovered that the wider digital games market for Asia-Pacific would more than double over the next four years to reach US$30.3 billion in 2016. More websites and domain names for Asia should be used to target these people!


Image: LuMaxArt
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Yu Darvish, Asian baseball sensation!

After being branded the best pitching prospect to come out of Japan, the pressure is on young Yu Darvish who is going to make his MLS debut in the coming season with the Texas Rangers. He signed a lucrative US$111 million contract with them and to spend so much on a new talent from Japan just comes to show much they see his potential. He will make his debut on the 8th of April and millions of people from both sides of the Pacific will be eagerly waiting for this to happen. There was a closed bid to get the teams to make their bids for him and Texas were able to bid the highest and were able to speak and conjure up a great deal for him. There is that surprise element and that is why people are eagerly waiting for his debut. Asian stars are now making their marks in the United States and other places in many sports. Internet has something to do with this, with people able to see news about potential new players early and watch them from abroad. More of the same is to come according to me in the coming years. Go Asia!


Image: mjl816
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New Hong Kong budget airline!

Tourism is one industry which would be able to compete with the gambling industry. It has absolutely skyrocketed in Asia and much more of the same is to come in the coming years. One of the reasons why there is going to be a new budget airline starting in Hong Kong and it is going to be called Jetstar Hong Kong. It is going to be a partnership of China Eastern Airlines and Qantas Airways and is seen as a great way for the big airline to attract the travelers looking for a cheaper way to travel. It is going to be a hit with the number of travelers and tours being booked everyday. Look at the situation here in Hong Kong, tour groups are all over the main shopping districts, theme parks and other areas. The catalyst for this growth has been the internet. With more and more people going online for their daily transactions, the travel industry has also invested tons of money there. Many new businesses dealing with tours, airline tickets, hotels have sprung up too, making it more competitive and thus cheaper too.


Image: puddy_uk
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