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社交媒體影響搜尋排名交媒體的應用在日、韓地區愈炒愈熱。據comScore報告,單是日本去年錄得30%的増長,而韓國則有10%。例子如Facebook,自去年1月錄得150%升幅。Facebook對Google搜索甚具影響力,社交媒體亦已成為SEO成功的重要元素。流動電話的發展對SEO的影響外,日本的智能手機用家已達 一千四百萬 (佔總人口11%),而且去年與手機相關的生意的増長亦比任何一年高。在韓國現時有二千萬智能手機用戶 (即佔總人口40%)。Google的網上報告亦指出,韓國智能手機用戶平均每人下載42個apps,是全球第二高數量的國家。由於智能手機的應用持續増長,日本出現了更多流動電話通用的網頁或為流動電話而設的網頁。網頁數目的増多,令SEO的工作要做得更好才可突圍而出。日、韓手機用戶利用電話搜尋資訊比利用電腦搜尋的人數更多。因此,流通電話的商業活動的收入也不斷增加,SEO是獲得更高投資回報率的重要因素。優化地域搜尋美國40%的搜尋都包含一些本地的內容,如城市、國家或其他本地化的查問。日本人更喜歡在路上搜尋,因此利用Google搜尋器搜尋資料去年有一倍的升幅。韓國亦然,去年也錄得一倍的上升。由於流動搜尋愈見普及,搜尋器亦可按IP地址得知客戶所在地,從而提供身處地的各項相關資訊,因此改善SEO 對生意十分有利。SEO Matures in North Asia; Key Trends for 2012Social Influencing SEOTaking the top five social media properties in Japan, the usage growth this year in these platforms has been an astounding 30 percent according to comScore. And in Korea it's grown by 10 percent. Facebook alone... more >>
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March 14, 2012

  • DotAsia tweeted, "RT @LinnDM: Has someone else applied for your DotBrand? Check the list of announced TLD applications: http://t.co/ELliP5jG #ICANN #New gTLD"

March 1, 2012

  • DotAsia tweeted, "China's MIIT new rules on pre-approval for China-based #newgTLD applicant #ICANN http://t.co/lW93klk6"

February 26, 2012

  • DotAsia tweeted, "DotAsia Annual General Meeting watch here http://t.co/Oqckj5tL"

December 8, 2011

  • DotAsia tweeted, "Congrats to Dr. Xiaodong LEE, also a Board member of DotAsia, appointed as ICANN VP Asia today http://t.co/swrDCnUc"

December 6, 2011

  • DotAsia tweeted, "for those who wish to operate new gTLD in China, this is so far the most clear guideline from the Chinese gove… (cont) http://t.co/LlInV7nJ"

November 7, 2011

  • DotAsia posted img-1320631726849
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