Own-brand labels set to flourish in Asia!

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Datamonitor has predicted that the sales of private labeled goods in the Asia Pacific region is going to go up in the coming years and the consumers here rely more on just the brand name when they head out for shopping. Figures from the research firm suggest food store brands will generate revenues of A$24.7bn ($25.1bn; €17.9bn; £15.4bn) in Asia Pacific by 2014, compared with A$18bn today. Private labels have moved on from the days when they were just known for having the cheapest price. Nowadays, since the retailers are more in touch with the customer's needs, they understand them more and make the product more customized to fit their needs and that is why they are getting more recognition. As long as the consumers see that something is worth it, they are willing to spend the money on those products so the value of brand name is going down, you have to make sure the goods are right for the customers.

One unique way in which these private brands can flourish is by having an online presence early when they are setting u, it will help them tremendously. Imagine letting customers know more about you online, being able to get on social networks to get a head start and being able to listen to customer's suggestions and complaints. Also by going online, there could be some e-shopping done which is getting more and more popular in the Asia Pacific region. As more people are pressed for time and also as the number of platforms to get online goes up, being online and letting customers buy from there will be a great option.

Source: http://www.warc.com

Image: Generic Brand Productions
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