Heinz adapts in China!

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Heinz, the America food company, that has expanded all over the world recorded tremendous growth in profits in China and one main reason for that is they have adopted their products to make sure they are suitable for the market they are in. One main profit driver was food for infants in the region. They were able to translate a message of being safe to the public and thus saw the profits go up for that particular product. Another central driver of the company's success in China is Foodstar, a soy sauce manufacturer it purchased for $165m in 2010. They were able to ride on the success of this brand and build on it to develop their own brand at the same time which is a win win formula. As a result of growth in China, and nations like Brazil and India, Heinz believes emerging markets are likely to deliver over 20% of sales in its current financial year, up from 10% just a few years ago.

The same method can be adopted in a company's online strategy too. When entering another market, it is important to make sure the domain name extension is suitable for that market too. If the 2 countries share the same language, then it is fine but when moving from Malaysia to India, it is important to get the local domain name and also a regional one which can send unified marketing messages too. Also for the sake of SEO, you cannot rely solely on one domain name, you need more to make sure you get good SEO results in different markets you are in. Like Honda which uses a different domain name for China and one Honda.Asia for the Asian region with different content, they get excellent SEO results in the country they are in.

source: http://www.warc.com

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