Korean popstars use online route!

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Taeyang, the South Korean idol singer and dancer is now known all around the world for his slick moves and awesome voice when singing. How has he become famous around the world? He has used the internet to his advantage. By going online on his own website and using social networking sites, he has reached stardom much quicker. Korean artists are bypassing traditional outlets like radio and television, "aggressively steering their efforts to go international via the Internet," says Bernie Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, a Seoul-based agency specializing in the international marketing of Korean pop acts. With social media, they are able to reach out to markets like the United States and Europe, which would have been very hard before but now when you have tools like these to help you out, it would be insane not to do so.

Everyone is now on a level playing field when using the internet to promote. So now people in America, can turn on their television and listen to American artists and then they go online and they can check out Asian ones and see for themselves who is better. Asians are getting more exposure and awareness now and it is easier for them to spread the message. In Hong Kong, people are influenced by Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean music because they go online and listen to them. When stars take the initiative to go online and spread their message and interact with fans, more fans will come and listen to their music.

Source: http://www.time.com

Image: Stinkie Pinkie

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