2009 Asian Festival of First Films

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afff_site_01.jpgIn Singapore recently, the 2009 Asian Film Festival of First Films took place in Singapore and Looking for Anne came out on top by winning the topprize and best director for also for the same movie. The movie is made from a novel and this book has sold millions of copies in Japan and talks about a 17-year-old Japanese girl's quest to find the wartime Canadian lover of her grandmother, who died just before a planned visit to the island. These award festivals are slowly becoming very important events as Asian films are becoming more popular on the gobal scene. The success of Slumdog Millionaire is evidence for this and expect greater media coverege at this event.

Center of gravity is shifiting towards Asia for Films too. Bollywood in India makes more films than any country in the world. China slowly is getting into it and now Japan has made a film which has won many awards at a prestigous award ceremony.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com

Image: http://www.asianfirstfilms.com
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